An Attractive Solution to Trash Storage

Dumpsters are necessary for all businesses, but they can also be an eyesore. They’re designed for function, not form; plus, depending on the nature of your business, they can attract hungry animals and dumpster divers. Rather than having to look at an unsightly dumpster and the mess that comes with it, invest in a dumpster enclosure from Dickerson Fencing.

Why Your Business Needs a Dumpster Enclosure

  • Increased Property Value — Attractive properties are more desirable than unattractive properties, and you can instantly add to the attractiveness and value of your property by disguising your unsightly dumpster with a dumpster enclosure.

  • Theft Prevention — Many people try to save money by dumpster diving for damaged or remaindered goods that have been thrown out. Not only does this reduce your potential profits, but the dumpster divers can injure themselves climbing into your refuse bins. Prevent lost sales and potential liabilities by having your dumpster enclosed.

  • Animal Deterrence — Restaurant owners know that local wildlife can’t resist a dumpster full of food waste, and when critters invade your dumpster they make a huge mess. Avoid unnecessary cleanup with an enclosure that keeps animals out of your dumpster.

Rely on Dickerson Fencing to provide you with an attractive dumpster enclosure that improves your property value and protects against unwanted elements. Call us to schedule your FREE design consultation today.

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